Meyreuil, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France


Our current client is an international company in the field of cyber security, it deploys digital identity ecosystems on a large scale. Its cryptographic "root of trust" enables authentication and secure identification in physical and virtual environments for the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. It ensures the integrity of online transactions between objects.


They develops technology following principle based on the understanding that technology shall serve people and not people serve technology. All the codes, crypto-algorithms, chips, patents and products they developed are served by clients worldwide and trusted by the biggest institutions.


-         Take over the maintenance of current firmware (secure OS on AVR/ARM/RISC V platform)

-         Technical study of the next-generation of firmware

-         Active interactions with the hardware engineers and the business lines to collect and elaborate requirements

-         Coordinate with the project manager and his manager in estimation and project planning

-         Help investigate issues encountered on silicon



-         Development of smartcard embedded firmware

-         Drive implementation along with unit testing

-         Shall be responsible for developing re-usable libraries for productivity improvement

-         Debug and solve problems during development and post release

-         Shall assist the manager in effort estimation and technical risk identification

-         Contribute to the technical documentation writing of the product (in English)

-         Train and support FAEs

-         Shall be responsible for failure analysis and bug reporting

-         Shall be able to run the non-regression validation campaigns to evaluate the new firmware release

-         Support the project manger to meet the project goals including managing technical problems

-         Identify and drive continuous improvement and innovation topics

-         Be an active member of the cross functional team to meet the project objectives



-         Firmware development team

-         HW design team

-         Project managers and business lines

-         Customer support


-         Hardware/ software solutions provider

-         Validation solution provider

-         Final customer



-         Between 1 and 5 years experience in developing firmware for smartcard

-         Embedded software programming in C and assembler (ARM / RISC V)

-         Able to translate requirements to design and provide right estimations for development

-         Drive implementation along with unit testing

-         Strong knowledge on various standards, ISO 7816, ISO 14443

-         Strong symmetric and Asymmetric cryptography knowhow

-         Knowhow of PKI and public key certificates

-         Knowhow of various security threats and implementing counter measures

-         Development on windows / linux (C, C++, Python) is desirable

-         Familiarity with static code analysis

-         Familiarity with version control system (e.g. SVN)

English (written and spoken

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