Meyreuil, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France (Hybrid)
50.000 - 80.000 eur / year
Full time


Our current client is an international company in the field of cyber security, it deploys digital identity ecosystems on a large scale. Its cryptographic "root of trust" enables authentication and secure identification in physical and virtual environments for the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. It ensures the integrity of online transactions between objects.

They develops technology following principle based on the understanding that technology shall serve people and not people serve technology. All the codes, crypto-algorithms, chips, patents and products they developed are served by clients worldwide and trusted by the biggest institutions.


• Help define the various continuous integration processes (organization of project repositories, organization of bug tracking projects, organization / generation of Release Notes, organization / generation of deliverables, management of codings rules, management of automatic tests) in liaison with the head of firmware, tools / customization teams, validation

• With other members of the firmware, tools / customization, validation, maintain the various continuous integration processes with regard to proposals for improvement of these processes

• Participate in the documentation of the various continuous integration processes

• Ensure the development and maintenance (tests, debugging) of the various firmware embedded in our cryptography-oriented chips

• Participate in the definition of new firmware architectures to be implemented on new generations of chips

• Actively interact with members of firmware, tools / customization, validation teams, but also with other departments (lab, Business Lines, Field Applications Engineers)

• Coordinates with his/her manager regarding load estimates

• Ensure technological watch on all subjects around embedded firmware and cryptography


Essential skills:

· Expertise in embedded firmware development on C, C++, Python languages

· Expertise in continuous integration & continuous development (auto build, auto tests) with the use of Jenkins-type tools

· Strong knowledge of version control systems (SVN, GIT)

· Solid knowledge of bug tracking tools (JIRA type)

· Solid knowledge of best practices in embedded development (MISRA, CERT)

· Knowledge of static code analysis (cppcheck, Squore tools) and dynamic code analysis (Valgrand tool)

· English (fluent)

Desired skills:

· Knowledge of virtual machine management tools (Docker, VMWare)

· Knowledge of assembly language (AVR / ARM)

· Knowledge of ISO 7816 smart card standard and APDUs exchanges

· Knowledge of cryptography

Know how to be:

· Communication

· Sense of teamwork

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