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We’re looking for Senior Software Engineers (Golang or Rust) who are proactive, mindful about deadlines, and take pride in their quality of work. We will expect them to contribute to the technical architecture and the code of the projects and work well in an agile fast-paced team. In addition, this role includes talking with POs (Product Owners) and Clients on figuring exact details on implementation and architecture. What will you be working on:

Our client is specializing in the development of blockchain projects. This includes, smart contract development, server-side development, client-side development, and more.

considered now one of the best blockchain companies in Europe, is operating in more than 50 projects across the continent, helping different companies to scale up their structures.

Skills that the perfect candidate has:

● Rust or Golang as the primary tech stack. Knowledge in Node.js / JavaScript is considered a must

● Writing high quality, well structure-code in multiple languages/technologies, Reviewing the code of the team and keeping it highest level

● Ability to pick up new technologies quickly & sharing knowledge

● Proactive creation of solutions and architecture suggestions, Documentation (includes texts and diagrams) & tech presentations to clients

● Work independently – Able to deliver working products within deadlines – from empty Git repo to fully-deployed solution in the cloud.

● Experience with Git

● Writing unit tests

● Fast sizing of tasks and ballpark estimates

● Good written and spoken communication in English

● Team Player – Realizes that we win together and we lose together and is ready to help the team with expertise

Considered as a plus:

● Experience with GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

● Good understanding of CI/CD

● Practical experience with Blockchain technology ○ Common P2P architectures ○ Popular Web3 data structures

■ Merkle trees

■ Patricia trees

■ Verkle trees ○ Decentralized Networks design patterns

■ Gossip

■ Consensus algorithms

■ Decentralized PubSub ○ Interfacing with decentralized Networks ○ Understand Docker

■ Images

■ Containers

○ Advanced Smart Contracts knowledge

○ Understanding and ability to write integration and and end-to-end tests for decentralized systems

competitive packages and salary structures apon experience.



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