The Blockbridge team is made of experienced professionals with a strong background in IT, financial and legal consulting and outsourcing. We provide bespoke services for companies investing on Blockchain technology. Our main focus are Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFT and Decentralised Finance.


After starting his career as a junior developer, Carmelo soon decided to move into the sales part of the business and then approached the real estate world working as a broker in Italy. After, he moved to Spain for a short period before landing in the UK market to work for a leading IT consulting firm. As a former sales manager, Carmelo now helps the Blockbridge team improving its sales, marketing and consulting departments.


Always polyhedric in his interests and career, Francesco’s main occupations was being a private teacher, a coach and a trader, in partnership with one of the majors international academies in the financial sector. In the past years, he started to devote more and more of his time into the study of blockchain technology, starting from the financial and investment side and then focusing onto the technical aspects of this world. In Blockbridge, he focuses on studying and researching the latest trends in order to deliver the best possible services.


With a strong career in sales, Nick developed and sharpened his skills in the industrial transportation sector before moving to the real estate business and traveling between Italy and Spain. Over the last years, he has been studying the virtual world and investing in digital assets and digital real estate. With his ability in communication and his knowledge of the field, he now overviews the sales operations together with managing the sales team.